Yeezy Boost 350 Mr. Brainwash Edition


So the Adidas Yeezy Boost’s have been out for a minute and ever since this dropped I have been huge fan. Now having these sneakers is pretty rare as is but you can even take it further by customizing them. Now for me personally I would never want to mess with the shoe its self! I would be too scared to fuck them up! But from what I have seen other people have done sole swaps and material upgrades.


After seeing all of those I have never seen anything like this before though. For all of you whose don’t know who Mr. Brainwash is, he is a street artist who has gain popularity in the LA area and with his famous documentary about the Banksy called Exit Through The Gift Shop.  What Mr. Brainwash did was completely blast the Yeezy 750 Boosts Jackson Pollock style! The pair you see above belongs to Private Stock Gallery owner and DJ Khaled affiliate Chris Smokes.



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White adidas Ultra Boost


All White adidas Ultra Boost is one of the model’s most popular colorways. This is my favorite sneaker right now!

Haters still have one complaint with the comfortable and fashionable Ultra Boost: the lace cage. The adidas Ultra Boost features a plastic support cage that wraps around the midfoot, I personally like this and think i looks dope. It also acts as a structure on which laces can be placed. Many people have decided to follow the path of “freeing” their foot by removing the plastic cage from their pair(s) of Ultra Boosts, including YouTubers HesKicks and Sneakerheadinthebay. Today, we get look at a possible All White adidasUltra Boost Uncaged that would surely satisfy any fans of the uncaged look and all white color scheme.

The All White adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, as shown in the images below, features a slightly different socklike upper atop the Boost midsole. If you look carefully, you can not only see that this pair of Ultra Boost has been “uncaged” but the construction of the Primeknit is also different. ThePrimeknit of this pair of Ultra Boosts looks more tightly woven and has a different weave pattern towards the ankle area of the shoe — similar to that of a sock actually. Along with this sock-like upper, we see laces that run through the upper, as well as what looks to be a white outsole.

There is currently no release date available for the All White adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, but stay tuned to for any information regarding the release of this special pair. What do you think of this pair of adidas Ultra Boost? Do you think adidas should release more “uncaged” versions of the Ultra Boost since they have the Hypebeast collaboration and are planning to release another “uncaged” version with the Solebox x adidas Consortium collaboration coming up? Sound off in the comment section below!


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